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BOTW: 2017.10.21

21 Octobre, 2017 - 14:04

The diagram is a puzzle created by Martin Thoresen to celebrate the 10th TCEC: with pieces in the shape of a 10, it is mate in 10. 

The key move, with some of the many variations, is shown below.

Oct 21-22, 2017

Rounds 1 and 2 of the German Chess League are on this weekend. Top players include: MVL, Anand, Svidler, Adams, Bacrot, Kasimdzhanov... and that's just perennial champions Baden-Baden!


 Chess.Com Speed Chess Championship
Oct 23 & 24, 2017

Two matches this week:

  • Oct. 23: Maxime-Vachier Lagrave vs Alexander Grischuk 
  • Oct. 24: Sergey Karjakin vs Ian Nepomniachtchi

Matches start at 10am PDT, 1pm EST

The format for the Chess.com matches is 3 hours of online play, broken into four formats: 

  1. 90 minutes of 5+2 blitz, 
  2. 60 minutes of 3+2 blitz,
  3. 30 minutes of 1+1 bullet,
  4. one chess960 game in each time control.  

Live Games (with commentary by FM Danny Rensch and ...?)



 TCEC Season 10

The only computer chess event that matters is the Thoresen Chess Engine Competion. Engines play on identical hardware and use identical opening books, making it the best test of playing strength. It's also the event that the engine developers take seriously, with the top ones submitting development builds of their best programs, including Stockfish, Komodo, Houdini, and Fire.

This year's big innovation is the upgraded hardware: an exceptionally powerful 44 core Xeon server, more than double the power last year's host.

Like it or not, this tournament will have a strong claim to featuring the best chess ever played.

TCEC Season 10 consists of three stages:  

  • Stage 1: 24 engines; single round robin; TC: 60m + 10s. 
  • Stage 2: The top 8 engines from stage 1 play a double RR; TC: 90m + 10s.
  • Superfinal: Top 2 from stage 2 play a 100 game match.

 With the exception of stage 1, engines play both sides of each opening book position.

Live Games  24/7 :


 The diagram is a puzzle created by Martin Thoresen to celebrate the 10th TCEC: with pieces in the shape of a 10, it is mate in 10:


() - ()
 Round:  Result: [Event "TCEC 10 puzzle"] [Site "chessdom"] [Date "2017.10.21"] [Round "?"] [White "Mate in 10"] [Black "?"] [Result "*"] [Annotator "John Upper"] [SetUp "1"] [FEN "8/1r3pr1/1P2k2B/1p2p2R/1p2P2N/1P2K2n/1R3PP1/8 w - - 0 1"] [PlyCount "13"] {[#]} 1. Bxg7 {There are multiple defences available, but none push the mate back beyond 10 moves. I have included a few in the solution.} f6 (1... Nf4 2. Rh6+ Ng6 3. Rc2 Rd7 (3... Ke7 4. Nxg6+ fxg6 5. Bxe5 {#5}) 4. Rc6+ Rd6 5. Nxg6 f6 6. Rc7 Rxb6 7. Bxf6 Kxf6 8. f4 exf4+ 9. Kxf4 Ke6 10. Nh4#) (1... Rxb6 2. Rh6+ (2. Rd2 {transposes.}) 2... f6 3. Rxf6+ {#7} (3. Ra2 {#7})) (1... f5 2. exf5+ Kf7 3. Bxe5 {#7} (3. gxh3 {#7})) (1... f6 2. gxh3 Rxb6 3. Rc2 {#7.}) 2. gxh3 Rxb6 (2... Rxg7 3. Rd2 Rd7 4. Nf5 Rxd2 5. Kxd2 Kd7 6. Rh7+ Kc6 7. b7 {#2}) 3. Rc2 Rd6 4. Bxf6 Rd1 (4... Kxf6 5. Rc7 {#4}) 5. Nf3 Kxf6 6. Rc7 Kg6 7. Rch7 { #3} * merida 46



Two FIDE Titles for Canadians

20 Octobre, 2017 - 17:32

The 88th FIDE Congress in Turkey ended October 15, 2017, with two new titles for Canadians: IM for Michael Kleinman, FA for Vadim Tsypin.

Michael's final IM Norm, along with one of his annotated games, was reported on the CFC Newsfeed:

While International Master is a title almost all chess fans can envy, Vadim's title may well be the more instructive and inspiring one, especially for older chess fans: it's not often that someone steps out of retirement to successfully start a "second career" but Vadim was an arbiter at the Canadian Zonal, Montreal Open, Varennes International, and many other competitions, especially those organized by the FQE and Chess 'n Math.

Unlike the (probably) mythical "Self-Taught Chess Master", it should be obvious that noone becomes a FIDE Arbiter without working with and learning from many organizers and officials. So, in addition to the organizers of the events he worked/learned at, Vadim would like to, "extend sincere thanks to my experienced colleagues whose character, skills and professionalism became the standards I strive to emulate. In alphabetical order": 

  • IA Serge Archambault
  • NA Alexandre Ber
  • FA Andrei Botez
  • Sylvain De Lagrave
  • IA Pierre Dénommée
  • NA Raymond Desjardins
  • IA/FT Eduard Duchovny (USA)
  • Andrew Giblon
  • IA Danny Goldenberg
  • FA Aivars Laizans (LAT)
  • S. Warren Lohr (USA)
  • IA/IO Aris Marghetis
  • FA Bernard Ouimet
  • GM/FA/FST Susan Polgar (USA)
  • FA Rene Preotu
  • IA/IO/FI Mihail Prevenios (GRE)
  • IA Alexander F. Relyea (USA)
  • IA Francis Rodriguez
  • GM/FT Eduardas Rozentalis (LTU)
  • IA Ashot Vardapetyan (ARM)

  And, last but not least, CFC Executive Director Bob Gillanders and the FIDE Zone 2.2 President and Delegate IA/IO Hal Bond for their "endless patience". 

 (photo: Vadim Tsypin, recording clock times on the 1/2 hour during the 2017 Canadian Zonal.)

Vadim Tsypin FIDE Card




Qiyu Zhou report on Jamaica Chess Festival

18 Octobre, 2017 - 20:09

The Jamaica International Chess Festival took place Oct. 12-15, 2017.

Organized and hosted by Jamaican-born GM Maurice Ashley, it was a multi-part event which successfully raised the profile of chess in Jamaica. 

Four of the top young players from the US and Canada were invited and gave talks and simuls at schools, played all-comers at 3min blitz, talked with the Prime Minister of Jamaica, competed in a 4-round team rapid match, and more. They're in the photo above, L2R:

    • GM Awonder Liang - 2017 US Jr. Champion. 
    • WGM Qiyu Zhou - 2016 Canadian Womens Champion
    • GM Maurice Ashley - Organizer and Promoter
    • WIM Akshita Gorti - 2017 US Jr. Girls Champion
    • GM Akshat Chandra - 2015 US Jr. Champion 

Qiyu wrote a report, illustrated by photos from her mom Penny, which you can read on ChessBase:



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