Deposit ($50) - Paiement préliminaire (50$)

Dépliant - Flyer

Preliminary list of Players - Liste préliminaire des participantes

 Players - JoueusesProvRating - CoteConfirmation
1 Yuan, YuanlingON2337 
2 Matras-Clement, AgnieszkaAB2317Runner-up
3 Zhou, QiyuON2309 
4 Agbabishvili, LaliON2282 
5 Botez, AlexandraBC2273 
6 Khoudgarian, NataliaON2248Ontario PC
7 Demchenko, SvitlanaON2222 
8 Ouellet, Maili-JadeQC2206Quebec PC
9 Fratila, AdelaBC2202 
10 Gansvind, ValeriaBC2188 
11 Peng, JackieON2158 
12 Starr, NavaON2112 
13 Xu, RuoyingON2110RS
14 Orlova, YelizavetaON2108 
15 Wang, ConstanceON2071 
16 Syeda, ShabanaAB2059 
17 Léger, ManonQC2035 
18 Tian, Shi YuanBC2017BC PC
 - Li, Yi LinQC1925Quebec NYD
 - Cui, CynthiaNB1790Maritime PC
 - Chao, LucyAB1634Alberta PC

PC = Provincial Champion or Choice by provincial association / Champion provincial ou Choix provincial

RS = Rating Sustitute (interested to play) / Joueuse substitut (intéressée)

NYD = Quebec picked Not Yet Decided/ Choix du Québec


How we proceed for the invitations / La procédure pour les invitations

1) The first step consist of inviting the players who finished 1st and second in the last Women Championship.

Premières joueuses invitées : Championne et Vice-champione 2016

- Champion (1)

- Runner-up (1)

2) Second step : inviting players according to geographical criteria : Choice by the respective Provincial association

Critères géographiques :

BC (1)
Alberta (1)
Ontario (1)
Quebec (1)
Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Maritimes altogether =  (3), Maritime is assured of one place. 

3) After that, the organizer has one pick (1)

L'organisateur a un choix :

If all those players accept their invitation, we reach the 10 players necessary for a round-robin of 9 rounds.

But if the number is not attain, we go to the next step.

4) Players choose by rating (from higher to lower) to complete the list of players.

If this is still not sufficient to obtain 10 players, we go to the final step :

5) The organizer has the complete latitude to pick players to complete the table, but his criteria has to be determined before the end of the process (December 10).

You can imagine that this takes time. So to gain time, we decided in parallel. We ask every female players by rating on the original list to make a deposit of 50 $ in advance if they are interested to play. This list might be extended if necessary if we had to go to step 4).

Si toutes les joueuses acceptent leur invitation, le total de joueuses nécessaires pour tenir un tournoi à la ronde de 9 rondes sera atteint. Si ce n'est pas le cas, alors nous procéderons selon les étapes suivantes ;

Joueuses invitées selon la cote de la plus haute à la plus basse.

Finalement l'organisateur aura toute la latitude pour compléter le tableau si nécessaire.

Les joueues peuvent signifier leur intention de jouer en payant le dépôt de 50 $ afin de gagner du temps.