Partie excitante du tournoi du Carnaval


Bonjour, je suis nouveau ici et je ne sais pas trop comment cela fonctionne. Je veux mettre la partie ci-dessous en pgn. Malgré les quelques erreurs, je trouve cette partie excitante et très complexe.

Jonathan Couture (1809) - John Bleau (1917)


Bob Armstrong - day 9


Starting the Day Off Right – Wee Hours of the Morning

After midnight Friday, I continued work on the draft Blog # 7(covering Thursday) and finished it, except for the game 7 analysis. Mario prepped for his Rd. 8 opponent. I went to bed at 1:00 PM.


I awoke at 6:30 AM – a very long sleep for me, especially during tournaments. So I checked e-mails, posted on the 4 FB chess sites I manage/co-manage, and looked at the other 2 non-chess FB pages I manage. I reviewed my almost complete draft of the blog # 7, and made minor revisions. Then I continued analyzing the Rd. 7 game for blog # 7.
Mario got up about 7:15 AM. as I was getting my blog # 7 sent out to FQE, and posted on Chesstalk. Then we went down to the food court for breakfast (not Timmies or McD’s!)
When we came back, I found that Jack Maguire of Toronto, who I know from the Annex CC where I also play, was taking umbrage at my mild criticism of the Dutch Defence in my Blog # 7. I and my trusty researcher came up with a bit of a defence, and so I posted. But Jack pointed out that statistics can lie. He did force me to re-evaluate the “source” I was using to bolster my case. So I then got into the difference between anecdotal collection of human results, and the pure chess theology of computers, demanding the perfect move each time (we humans are a bit sloppy on this front). Jack noted that I play humans….hmmm.
This all tired my official blog researcher out, and the next thing I know, on work time, there he is sacked out on his bed. So I decided to go out for a walk, and get some fresh air, before I commenced working on this Blog # 8. When I came back, Mario was up.


Bob armstrong - day 4


Starting the Day Off Right – Wee Hours of the Morning

After midnight today (Tuesday), I continued work on the draft Blog # 4 and went to bed at 1:30 PM. I awoke at 5:00 AM – a bit less than I really need for my health, but not uncommon during tournaments. So I checked e-mails, posted on the 4 FB chess sites I manage/co-manage, and looked at the other 2 non-chess FB pages I manage. Then I continued analyzing Aiden Zhou’s U 2000 Section game to be used in blog # 4 (was hoping to get it out today, Tuesday, by noon). Mario got up at 8:00 AM, and went to his laptop to muck around, as he is want to do sometimes – like posting on Chesstalk. I offered to go get us 2 coffees. On the way back I found out the U 2000 section was now back on track – pairings and standings up outside the playing hall. And on the net! So back up to the slavemaster laptop.


Bob armstrong - day 3


Starting the Day Off Right – The Wee Hours of the Morning

  After midnight Sunday morning, there was my roomie, Mario Moran-Venegas (picture in Blog # 1), checking various chess stuff on his laptop, and me wondering when I might get Blog # 2 out, once I finished it. I still needed to finish analyzing my game, to put it in. Still no U 2000 Rd. 1 results posted. So Mario hit the sack about 12:45 AM, and I followed about ½ hr. later.


I managed to get my normal 5 hrs. sleep (up at 6:15 AM). And then went back to finishing analysis of my Rd. 1 game (didn’t get it done Saturday night). The blog was then totally complete and ready to go….except for the U 2000 section results – but at 8:00 AM, still no U 2000 Rd. 1 results posted; so Mario and I went for a quick breakfast at our now favourite 24/7 Timmies.


Bob armstrong - day 2


2014 Canadian Open U 2000 Blog (Armstrong)

Blog # 2 - Day 1/ Rd. 1 – Saturday, July 19

NOTE: this blog would have been posted earlier today (Sunday), but there were apparently arbiter issues in our section, and the results of Rd. 1 for our section only were posted late Sunday morning at about 11:00 AM. I could not complete my blog until I had those results, so I had to delay, though the rest of the blog was all finished earlier and ready to go (subject to the one results section being needed). And then I had to play Rd.2 and so could not deal with this ‘til about 3:00 PM after my game.

Starting the Day Off Right – The Wee Hours of the Morning

Friday night, I started the Blog # 1 on the “Day Prior” to the tournament. I finished it very early Saturday morning at about 1:00 AM, and sent it off to Roman, the FQE staff member working with me, who was to post it about noon Saturday on the FQE website, to start off my tournament blogging for the next 8 days. He was adding my Blog heading under the “Follow the tournament” page, so it would be readily seeable.
My chess friend, Mario Moran-Venegas, with whom I’m sharing a Fairmont Queen Elizabeth hotel room, and I, then went to bed around 2:30 AM Saturday morning.
For those who know me, they know that I sleep about 5 hours per night on average (I guess if you are retired, old, doing little exercise, and sitting at a computer all day, you don’t use many calories up, and hence aren’t too tired). But it is worse when it comes to sleeping during tournaments. I have now self-diagnosed, and determined I have what is known as “chess tournament sleep disorder”! My average sleep is usually around 3-4 hours. Adrenalin effect??


KHALIF 2014 - Ronde 5


Voici les résultats en cinquième ronde!
1- Khalid Bahadi (2079) - Stéphane Beaudoin (2044) 0-1
2- Réjean Tremblay M (2199) - Claude Lessard (2071) 1-0
3- Danny Lamontagne (1915) - Eric Tremblay-Ali (1865) 0-1
4- Daniel Dubé (1833) - Simon Laflamme (1958) 1/2-1/2
5- Martin Glode (1876) - Oliver May (1725) 1-0
6- Alain Gagnon (1695) - Martin Fecteau (1972) 0-1
7- Lewis Pouliot (1476) - Benoit Garneau (1927) 0-1


KHALIF 2014 - Ronde 4


Voici les résultats en quatrième ronde!
1- Stéphane Beaudoin (2044) - Claude Lessard (2071) 1-0
2- Khalid Bahadi (2079) - Oliver May (1725) 1-0
3- Gaétan Lapierre (1936) - Réjean Tremblay M (2199) 0-1
4- Eric Tremblay-Alix (1865) - Martin Fecteau (1972) 1-0
5- Simon Laflamme (1958) - Danny Lamontagne (1915) 1/2-1/2
6- Benoit Garneau (1927) - Dominique Boies (1531) 1-0




Bonjour à tous! Pour un meilleur rendement de la chronique et obtenir une grande rapidité pour afficher nos résultats et nos parties, dorénavant au lieu de vous décrire grosso modo la soirée que vous pouvez constater vous-même dans les résultats qui suivent, je placerai l’emphase sur les dits résultats, classement du tournoi et du Grand Prix à jour, les parties et… la chronique s’adaptera au fil de la semaine! Ainsi, j’invite chaque joueur à analyser leur propre partie ou tout simplement me l’envoyer et la chronique sera mise à jour à chaque jour.


ZUKERTORT 2014 - Ronde 3


En cette troisième ronde, les blancs semblent avoir pris le dessus sur leurs adversaires! Sept victoires blanches, deux nulles et deux défaites noires. Que deux joueurs sur le peloton des cinq de tête on réussit à franchir le cap du trois en trois. Khalid Bahadi qui s'est imposé face à Benoît Garneau et le jeune Eric Tremblay-Alix qui a sû s'illustrer face au vétéran Claude Lessard. Stéphane Beaudoin et Martin Fecteau en prenant la nulle d'un commun accord, se retrouve maintenant à 2.5/3.




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